Monthly Archives: December 2015

Working Through the Holidays

If you celebrate the winter holidays, the spirit of the season is something folks of all ages look forward to all year.  Unfortunately, however, for many folks the holiday season also comes with a huge level of stress.  For some, this stress is so extreme, I hear people commenting that[…] Read More →


Losing Your Politically Correct Disability Virginity

Of all the articles I’ve written, this is the one I get asked to publish again. The first time I published it, I was genuinely shocked at how many individuals that were not disabled thanked me for the icebreaking tips. Anytime I republished something, I always update it.  I find[…] Read More →


Working Online 24/7 Is…

When you’re feeling under the weather, are you worried about how many sick days you have at work?  Or a possible deadline due? Here is another fantastic benefit to having your own online business. Enjoy.