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Police Brutality In The Disability World

Currently, our country is experiencing horrific events of white police officers getting shot by black assailants. Racism and prejudice is nothing new, but it seems to be at an all-time high. Or so I thought. I published the following video in August 2014. Two years later, here we are, experiencing[…] Read More →


To The Next Shooter

  The two saddest days of my life are the death of my father and 9/11.  Today, as I turn on the news, I’m horrified at the headlines.  During a peaceful protest for the “Black Lives Matter” movement in America, five police officers who were guarding the protesters were shot[…] Read More →


Live Like You Were Dying

Mother Earth has a natural order of things when it comes to being born and dying. We are born young, we die old. But there are exceptions to every rule, even Mother Earth’s.  You never know what’s around the corner in any given moment. You have priorities in life. A[…] Read More →