Monthly Archives: September 2017

Coal Mines to NASA

No matter where you are, no matter your life circumstances, you have options!  Plant your dream firmly in your head, and stick to that vision like glue.  Then, find the beginning, the first step, and get to work to bring that into fruition. Now you are on your way! From[…] Read More →


Knowledge Is To Be Shared, Not Hoarded

When you share your knowledge with someone, you are adding to their arsenal of personal power… Their confidence!  The more confidence a person has, the more they feel they can achieve their dreams! Check out the video below and experience the power of something you were taught almost since the[…] Read More →


Your Influence Can Help

September is spinal cord injury awareness month, and we need your help. By we, I mean folks currently living with spinal cord injuries and those not yet injured. Sustaining a spinal cord injury is a change of life that comes with immeasurable challenges. So if you or anyone you love[…] Read More →