All In Good Time…

eBook-whatsyourwheelchair400For the last six months, I have been working on a business project.  As most people, I need to make money.  Living with a disability is expensive! The initial phase of my project was writing a book.  It is now finished.

I am extremely happy and very proud.  I self published it, and Amazon has accepted it as  part of its inventory.  It will be available for purchase in about a week… I’ll keep you posted.

The book is a collection of articles I have written. You may recognize  a few from, but dozens of articles have not been posted and never will be.

This is my second time writing a book. The first  was about eight years ago.  I wrote a memoir, and it took a year for me to complete.  I had been in the hospital for five months prior, so my goal was to take a year to get strong again and complete a book.

I wrote my memoir for multiple reasons.  First, I loved writing and felt I had a life story that needed to be told. Through my tragedies and triumphs, I could possibly inspire and offer hope to other individuals dealing with challenging life circumstances.

Second, I needed an income. Unfortunately, my memoir did not get published, regardless of my relentless visits to literary agents.  It did, however, lead to a great job offer from EParent Magazine.  I enjoyed writing with them for about six months, until the magazine was dissolved.

My desire to write a book about my life experiences never left me… The rejection I received from the New York agents only made me want to succeed more.

Since writing my first book, technology has made things in the publishing world open to everyone.  If you are willing to work hard, you can write a book and publish it for pennies, literally.

I also have matured over the last eight years as a person and as a writer.  I recently reread my memoir and was surprised how much of it I would change… Or rather edit may be better word.

Over the last six months, I have worked very hard with the organization SCORE.  SCORE is a division of the Orange County Chamber Of Commerce,  and exists to help people get started with their own small businesses.

SCORE is made up of business professionals who donate their time.  Their advice, encouragement and guidance is priceless and actually free.   The harder you are willing to work, the harder they work with you.

The title of my book is, “What’s Your Wheelchair?”  It’s full of stories from my life’s crazzzy journey.  Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry.  I pray with my whole heart all of them inspire you.

This book is a small slice of a bigger pie.  I’m determined to see my project through in its entirety, and be successful. I’ll reveal the next slice all in good time.



  1. Ronnie Boniface says:

    Good Luck with the book Amy !

  2. Natasha Rhodes says:

    Congratulations Amy! Meeting you and hearing your story has been truly inspirational to me, and over the years whenever I’m in a tough situation, I often find myself thinking, “what would Amy do?” I think that everyone should have a copy of your book. Keep us posted, I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    • I thought of you so many times when writing this book… Any time I had writers block, I remembered what you would always tell me… Just get something on the page and the rest will come. I could not of written this book without your help on the first one. Much love always

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