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Strip it all..and be Naked! Amy AlexanderI’m blessed with guts, tenacity, relentlessness and I’m scrappy.  It’s in my genes, so a big thank you to my parents. While those four character attributes may not seem like the one’s you’d first wish to have, believe me, they come in handy.

I spent an entire day trying to reach my urologist’s office for an urgent matter.  Test results had concerned my general practitioner enough for her to advise seeing my urologist as soon as possible. Her words, not mine.

The video below takes you through my experience of trying to accomplish one thing… Get a warm body on the other end of the phone in the department I needed, or, at the very least, respond to one of the dozen phone calls I left.

Please note: I speak of my experience in the video as if it happened today, but it is approximately a week to ten days old.  I was simply unable to publish it immediately. Enjoy.



  1. Ronnie Boniface says:

    Hope you have gotten some results and been able to see the urologist since you posted this video.

    • Thank you for your concern! Can you believe they juggled me around so much after I made that video, the soonest they can get me in is over 12 weeks. And when I tried to express my concern to the doctor I’ve known for 21 years, he said he couldn’t talk because there was a goodbye party upstairs for a staff person he wanted to attend. I promise the viewers there would be a part two regarding that story, and I will create and post one this week. I get angry just thinking about all the folks, devastated their loved one is injured, spending borrowing begging for money to visit rehab hospitals all over the country and doing everything from taking out loans to refinancing their homes to having to sell their homes to ensure their loved one get the very best care. Excuse me, But it’s bullshit and I will not let it go unaddressed.

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