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When I was initially injured, I had a very scary experience in my power wheelchair.  It malfunctioned and caught on fire.  I was physically fine, but emotionally was not.  It was years before I could use a power chair again.

When I made the decision to get back in a power chair saddle again, I was not prepared for the impact it would have. I had used a manual wheelchair for so long…I was not strong enough to push it, so it offered me zero independence.

Using a power wheelchair changed my life.  I was no longer dependent on someone for every little move I wished to make.  I experienced a degree of  physical independence for the first time since being injured.

It also improved my health significantly.  My power wheelchair could assist my body in changing positions.  This allowed circulation to the places on a wheelchair user’s body receiving the most pressure from constantly sitting.

Fast forward to the year 2014. Now there is an even higher tier of independence offered to wheelchair users.  More than independence, it offers fun. It’s called the Action Trackchair.  It’s amazing.

Your average power wheelchair is limited to flat surfaces.  Mine is said to be perfectly capable in making a smooth transition over a three inch curb. I tried it the first day I got my chair…The transition was so unsteady, I lost my balance and fell over.

The developers of the Action Trackchair designed their product based on what an individual wants to do.  They looked way, way beyond wheels and a flat surfaced world.

They looked at what the world is made up of and how to create something that could navigate through as much of it as possible. The more their product could navigate through, the more the user could experience.

The Action Trackchair allows wheelchair users to enjoy outdoor activities they may have done prior to becoming disabled.  The genius of the Trackchair is instead of having wheels, it has tracks, similar to an army tank.

Flat surfaces, move over!  This ATW (all-terrain wheelchair) gives the user the ultimate experience in off road wheelchairs. Folks can go places they never thought possible.  This allows an individual to enjoy the outdoors and not miss out by being able to go beyond flat borders.

The Action Trackchair will plow you through mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, streams, snow, mud and beyond!

I have yet to experience the Action Trackchair, but I cannot wait until I do!  The thought of being able to go on the beach without having to be carried is a dream for me!  Going to where the surf meets the sand on my own is something I have not been able to do in twenty years.

Many times, going on a Sunday drive leads Mike and I to a park where hiking is available. The Action Trackchair would allow me to go through the woodsy terrain without worrying about coming across mud, bumps and small streams.

Living in the Northeast, we also get our share of snowstorms.  My wheelchair is useless in the snow.  The trackchair would allow me to trample through the  snow and enjoy the winter fun.

Not only is there the Action Trackchair… there is also the Action Trackstander.  This ATW allows an individual to not only go where they want to go, but they can stand  along the way. With the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander, disabled individuals are given the freedom to partake in so many activities their disability took away.

Tim Swenson is the developer of the Action Trackchair and the Action Trackstander.  His own son was disabled in a car accident many years ago.  Tim and his wife moved forward in helping their son gain back his independence.  Through that process came these amazing Trackchairs.

Currently, Insurance companies and Medicare do not pay for the Action chairs.  They are not yet convinced these chairs meet their bureaucratic function guidelines.  They need a lesson in the fun of function.

The more awareness the Action Trackchair and the Action Trackstander receive as a product  offering functionality to disabled individuals, the greater the chance of private insurance and Medicare paying for them.

Visit their website at  Watch the videos of both the Action Trackchair and the Action Trackstander. Then, imagine yourself in a wheelchair that only goes on flat surfaces.

Imagine how limited you would be. As you watch the videos and read the testimonials of current Action Track users, imagine how your world would open up if you were the user of one.

Thank you to the Action Trackchair developers and all those who look beyond a flat surfaced world and instead, look at the real world.


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