Creating The Power Of Your Personal Development

What's Your WheelchairI’m super excited to share the newest addition of What’s Your Wheelchair, Inc. I am launching my own self improvement course, “The Power Of Your Personal Development.” It’s a beautiful course that can universally assist anyone in letting go of the wheelchairs in their life that are keeping them from living their dream. And easy to see or not, we all got ’em. Wheelchairs and dreams, that is.

My mission in creating this course was to show anyone, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, male or female, anywhere around the world, can start from where ever they are in life right now and begin making changes that will lead them on a journey, with the life they dream at the end.

One of my favorite and most inspiring quotes is by Anne Frank. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve their world. ” Such wisdom, hope and perseverance coming from a young girl, hiding in an attic with her family for over two years from Adolf Hitler’s persecuting Nazi’s.

What are we waiting for? Everyone has room for improvement in their lives. Whether it’s regarding finances, health or relationships, The Power Of Your Personal Development can propel you forward in the right direction. Make no mistake… We may be moving, but if it’s not towards what we want, it’s only leading us further away from our dreams.

Many of us are guilty of this, even unconsciously. I call it “moving forward in the wrong direction.” People can waste years of their life, with good intentions, thinking they’re moving forward when it’s truly just an illusion. In my course, I teach you the ways to avoid this very common pitfall and make sure you know how to recognize when you’ve gotten off course.

You’ll learn how to set goals in a way that helps you truly reach them…So many of us quit along the way because they seem unattainable. You’ll also develop a crystal clear picture of what you really want and what’s most important to you in life.

The Power Of Your Personal Development will also help you work on your personal goals while stillmaking time for work commitments and looking after your family. You’ll learn how to avoid being distracted by the demands of family and friends without being rude or straining your most precious relationships.

I could go on and on with tidbits of what the course consist’s of, but to say it simply, I put my heart and soul and gut into creating this course and I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life.  And all the while, hours upon hours upon weeks upon months, my mission was in the back of my mind, constantly playing… like the stock market ticker….”Create a course that can help everyone, create a course that can help everyone… ” I know I did.

I’ll share one more part of the course with you…My favorite part. I do a live, six week “virtual classroom” where folks will get to “meet” me. Each week I do a presentation approximately an hour long, with a question and answer segment at the end. People can ask any questions they have about the course or any of my article postings they may have read online.

The Power Of Your Personal Development was actually a year in the making. I say that because a year ago I decided to open my own business. Job hunting was proving fruitless and I had to make a plan to bring an income into my home if I was going to remain independent. Hell will freeze over before I end up in some long-term care facility.  And my family would never let that happen, but I’ve been independent as long as I can remember, and that is not going change.

With all the life experiences I have had, I’ve come to believe all of us have our wheelchairs. Some may be easier to see than others, but they are there… many times holding us back from living our dreams. Somewhere along the way, the phrase “What’s Your Wheelchair? ” came to be.

I’m a writer, professionally and through my heart. became a website where I wrote articles that shared my experiences living life with a spinal cord injury.

Some articles were meant to simply entertain, while others had a somewhat serious lesson I had learned through a challenging experience. Some made you laugh and some made you cry. All were meant to inspire.

The website became a book of the same name. A few months after the book was published, the website offered a free self improvement course I highly recommended. Both the book and the course all received great reviews and such generous comments. All the while I continued writing weekly articles. I was slowly building a following and also attracting a climbing number of unique users to the website every month.

It was time for something else. Another piece, another project, more growth. I thought about recommending additional courses that had helped me tremendously. I thought about another book, as I want to have a series of them. But my gut was telling me this was the time to amp things up. And my gut is never wrong, even if it takes me a bit of time to decipher what it is telling me or where it is leading me.

I would make my own self improvement course. Why would I recommend one when I could create my own?! Especially at this juncture in my life… All my experiences, where I have been (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), where I am going, but mostly, where I am right now… It just clicked in my gut. Done deal.

While The Power Of Your Personal Development is a part of What’s Your Wheelchair, Inc., it has its own website. is the new home for The Power Of Your Personal Development. The site is live and waiting for you! I hope you take a peek and whether you purchase it or not, I’d love to know what you think.


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