For Online Business Newbies

Funny kid with a laptopHave you just decided to create an online business?  Are you trepidatiously wading through unfamiliar Internet marketing territory?  Wondering which social media forum should you start with?  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+? And what the heck is a hangout, anyway?  I don’t want to go out for coffee, I want to make some money and have fun doing it!

If you’re a newbie in the world of online business, welcome to the initially confusing  land of Internet Marketing. Tweets written by business twits, guaranteeing you a cool million dollars your first week of employment with their company and their company only.  With that guarantee, why bother going into business for yourself? I mean, if they’re guaranteeing it, it must be true.

What’s the difference between your profile page and your business page? Or SEO? Is that related to a CEO?  Or targeted traffic to your business website? Solo ads? Maybe there is singing involved? And what about email responding? I’m just getting started… So who am I responding to? And “the list” I keep hearing about that I have to build… I have a “To Do” list that rival’s The President’s. What list are they talking about??

Feel as if you signed up to learn a few foreign languages rather than create an online business? Good… That’s the way you should feel in the beginning.  And like any new language, you are going to make mistakes, have to go over certain translations a thousand times before they sink in, and learn the very basic phrases first, such as, “Where is the bathroom?”

Then, a miracle.  You find yourself creating a solo ad or using email responder without hardly having to think about what you’re doing. And you do it without making a single mistake. You realize you are learning the language!

Two years ago, when I decided to create an online business, I wasn’t even on Facebook and had no idea how to use it once I was.  I’ve broken rules that were unbeknownst to me and received stiff penalties for them. Not monetary, but penalties like “You can’t use our forum” for a certain amount of time because you’ve made such a big mistake more than once!

How many times did your teachers tell you in Elementary school to read all the directions first, before you proceed to do anything? Yes, Elementary school lessons come in handy when you are creating your online business.

The great news?? With hard work and a bit of time, you will have so much educational information to work with, and the most valuable commodity I know is information.  Regardless of how developed your online business is, always surround yourself with people who know more than you. It’s the best way to keep learning.  Regardless how successful you are, you’ll want to keep learning, to achieve unlimited success throughout the life of your business, just like in life.

The incredible educational information that got me started with my online business is right here.  It changed my life, and it will keep changing it for the better, as it continues to make my business flourish. Remember… at one point in time, everybody starts off knowing nothing. Brush mistakes aside, reward yourself throughout the process because you deserve it, and keep right on going!


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