Get Your Head Out Of Your…Yeah, That

Earlier this week, I found out about Richard Bridger, 31, who has muscular distrophy. He was asked to leave the Odeon Cinema in Epsom, Surrey, because his ventilator was too loud. Six people had complained to the manager regarding the noise, and the manager agreed with them. He made Richard leave and said he was banned from ever returning to the cinema.

It gets worse. A forum started online, commenting on the situation. I thought I would find one or two jerks agreeing with the manager. I did not. Instead, I went through comment after comment and about half of the comments made agreed with the manager. The other half was outraged.

To the six people who complained, the manager who agreed with them, the people on the forum who agreed with the manager and anyone else in society who agreed with excommunicating a 31-year-old man within an extremely serious disease, having no choice to use a ventilator, should be banned from a movie theater because his ventilator is too loud, quite frankly, what the hell is wrong with you?’!

Where has our tolerance gone in society for people’s differences? Did we ever have any tolerance at all? I’m beginning to wonder.

A circumstance similar to Richard’s happened to me. I share it with you in the video below. And if you’re an able-bodied individual who can go into a movie theater and sit wherever they want and don’t have to sit in the very back section, made for wheelchair users like me, but do have to endure the sound my chair makes, I’ll trade places with you any day.


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