It’s All About The Benjamins’

What's Your WheelchairWhen I have my live webinar for myself improvement course, most people are focused on improving at least one of three parts of their life – Health, wealth and/or relationships. Usually the mix is about even, but not this time.  This time, it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

People want money. People need money. People are angry because they don’t have any money. And I’ve come to the conclusion that while money may not make the world go round, it makes it spin a lot smoother.

There is a veil in society draped over having a conversation about money. Sometimes it’s not even talked about among families. And if you can’t have a conversation with your family, who can you have it with?  Well, it’s 2015, and it’s time for the veil to come off.

For conversation and transparency to occur, one thing needs to happen first. Get over it. Get over the fact that it is money you’re talking about. Its money, green paper with prints on it and pictures of men of history, not America’s nuclear launch codes.

We need to be able to talk to each other and had a conversation about money for one reason… You learn by sharing. You learn what works and what doesn’t work. You save time by hearing someone else’s challenges before they figured out a way to increase their income so you can go straight to what works.

I realize this all sounds a little too idealistic. And there are the issues of jealousy, people coming from different financial circumstances and people with different financial obligations.  You have a single mother, barely keeping her family fed, looking for a job that will pay more than the cost of her daycare, sitting next to an extremely financially flush businessman on his way to his office on the 59th floor of a sky scrapper. What could they possibly have to talk about in regard to finances?

EVERYTHING!!! The single mother hadn’t always been a single mother. The posh businessman had not always been a posh businessman. She could share her current financial situation, employment history and status, what she truly wished to do regarding a career goal and her job related skills and education.

He could share his current financial circumstances, where he started, his education, what were the top few things he felt led to his success, did he enjoy what he did, what were mistakes he made on the way to his success and what did he learn from them.

Picturing this conversation, can you honestly say there is not one piece of useful information that businessman wouldn’t have for that single mom?  Businesses that offer education assistance and/or reimbursement, the areas in the economy with the biggest job growth, programs that offer free career advice, or even a company that may be hiring.

Society seem so angry these days. So many folks I hear from tell me they have lost the belief their financial circumstances can get better. They are frustrated, angry, scared, and have lost their confidence and hope. And the majority I hear from are looking for someone to blame it on.  ”…It wasn’t always this hard to feed your family, to get ahead, to get an education, get healthcare for my kids, to improve things for the next generation…” are words I’ve heard more times than I can count.

I believe the lack of hope things can get better in our country are directly related to escalation of  violence we have seen in the last few years. School shootings, other mass shootings, local terrorism and distrust between communities and their police departments and other first responder organizations.

I think it’s time to stop what we are talking about and instead, address the issues we aren’t talking about. Can you imagine what society would be like, would feel like, if hope and the belief in the possibility tomorrow will be better if you’re willing to work hard was restored?  It would be palpable when you walked out your front door. Folks not wanting to work hard is not the problem.  It’s that they work hard and get no where.  For some individuals, it cost’s more to go to work than stay home. What would you do?

So much good can come from sharing.  I’m not suggesting we compare bank accounts with every stranger we come in contact with. But let’s get rid of the veil, let’s get rid of the taboo label and find ways to communicate about money in a way to promote hope and possibility. We don’t have to wait for anybody, not even our own government. Remember, we are Americans.

P.S. As far as that green eyed monster Jealousy, don’t make it a monster;  rise above it.  There is plenty of money for everyone… That is one thing we do not have to worry about having a shortage of! Let’s recognize it and be grateful for it!


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