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By now, I think it’s safe to assume most of us have heard the terms “life coach” or “life coaching.”  And let’s just say it; there are those of us who think hiring a coach for their lives is ridiculous.

Some of the not so positive comments I’ve heard made regarding life coaching are, “Why do I need someone to tell me what to do?” or “How can somebody know more about my life than me?” Well, if life coaching is a ridiculous concept, it sure is a popular one. Currently, life coaching generates about $1 billion annually in the United States.

What exactly is life coaching? Life coaching is helping people get from where they are in their life now to where they want to be. Simplified, life coaching helps you get from A to B, from B to C, and so on.

Life coaching supports you, motivates you and holds you accountable to achieving the life you dream of. Whatever it is you want in life, life coaching will help you get it.

Life coaching helps you get a clear picture of what you really want in life and takes steps to achieve your vision. Most importantly, however, life coaching uncovers what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams for yourself.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with life coaching. I’m a believer in getting help in life where ever you need it. If you have the flu, you go to the doctor. If you are having trouble dealing with your feelings, you go to a counselor, and so on.

Bottom line… Whatever area in your life you feel needs improvement, seek help for it. For me, that encompasses my body, my mind, my heart and my soul. I want to be happy and feel good. And when one area of your life improves, it has a positive affect on all the other areas, as well.

Many folks out there may feel their lives would benefit from life coaching, but perhaps it’s not within their budget.  In today’s economy, many families are living paycheck to paycheck, and grateful to simply be employed. Life coaching expenses are not within their means.

Great news. You can get life coaching for free. Yes, free. We live in the age of the internet. Every type of information you need is available, and that includes self improvement and life coaching.

The Internet’s biggest flaw is it has so much information, a lot of it is junk.  I compare the Internet to the yard sale at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. You’ll never find a place with so much stuff, varying from used books and pottery to broken toys and old tires.

But there may be a piece of priceless pottery from the Ming Dynasty amongst the broken toys. On the Internet, next to what the author called an “extremely important” blog posting of what kind of butter she used on her toast that morning  (I really saw this), you may find a fantastic self-improvement/ life coaching program… And it may even be for free!

I was recently introduced to a self-improvement program that allows you to do your own life coaching. It contains everything life coaching does… While offering suggestions, new ideas and plans of action, it helps you ask yourself the right questions to help you find your path in life, and then align your life with who you are and what you wish.

The program is called “Self Improvement Mastery,” and it’s available on for free!  Simply fill out your name and e-mail address to begin downloading the Guide, the Workbook and receiving the 52 Weekly lessons sent to your e-mail.  In all honesty, I find I’m learning more about myself, my dreams and how to get there using this program then I ever thought I would.

It’s always easier to stick to a routine when you don’t have to do it alone. Most people who exercise or go on a diet will tell you they have found more success doing it with a partner or a group than doing it alone.

We can do the same with self-improvement and life coaching. Pick a self-improvement program you feel would best meet your needs, share it with your friends, and work on it together. Make a time to meet once a week, which can be done online if it makes getting together more convenient.

Share what you’re discovering and learning about yourself. In sharing, you will motivate and inspire each other. People need people. And voila’! You’ve created your very own life coaching group. You’ve just become a life coach. Each member of your group has become a life coach! Who ever said there could only be one coach in the kitchen, anyway?!


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