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I’m sure most of you have received phone calls, e-mails or texts introducing some fantastic business project that will have you making a huge salary almost overnight. And you can do it part-time. And here’s the best part… you can do it from home.

I’ve worked outside my home since becoming disabled.  It was very stressful.  If one of my aides ran late or worse yet, didn’t show up, I had to move heaven and earth to get to work on time.

Disabled or not, no boss wants to hear excuses.  And I don’t want to have any… that’s not my MO.

I paid a high price to work outside my home.  Moving heaven and earth requires a lot of energy… Energy I should have been spending on my health.

The second time I ended up in the hospital due to the choices I made to be able to work outside the home, I was a very sick girl.  After that, I promised myself regardless of any future financial situations, I would never work outside my home again. It almost cost me my life… Twice.

I got a job as a writer for EParent Magazine. It was affiliated with Parent Magazine, but had an online version only and its main forum was autism.

I was able to work from home and it was perfect. They gave me my own column and I had deadlines I had to meet, but I could set my own schedule.

For about a year, everything was fantastic. My boss was great, and after four months, I was given additional assignments which also came with additional income.

Then my paychecks started arriving late. Then they didn’t arrive at all. Nutshell, they owed me one month of pay and I gave them a choice.

Pay me all at once in full, or I would find a publication interested in a story about a disabled woman who had to fight the company she works for to get four weeks of overdue pay.

The following day, the full amount was directly deposited into my bank account. Six months later, the company dissolved.

That was almost five years ago, and I have been looking for a work from home job since. Everything I have discovered and researched have turned out to be scams.

To clarify, I am not looking for job.  I’m looking for a career. I know my strengths, I’m honest about my weaknesses, and wanted to find something I could sink my teeth into and grow with. Something creative with limitless possibilities.

I believe I’ve finally found it. My book “What’s Your Wheelchair?” and the articles I post on my website is a piece of it, but it’s only the beginning.

About six months ago, I went to the SCORE program of Orange County. They help people who are interested in opening small businesses. I was assigned a mentor and we got to work.

It took about a month to make a plan of what I wanted to do. Initially, I had other business ideas in mind, but part of what the mentors do is tell you whether or not they feel your idea will meet the expectations you are looking for.

Creating a website and publishing articles written by me was the first step. Next, came a book and marketing it. While we are marketing it, we are preparing for the next step.

I am  starting the process of becoming Affiliates with other companies. An Affiliate is simply rewarded every time a visitor, customer or sale for the company you are an Affiliate with is generated through an advertisement for the company on your website.

There are many different ways compensation is provided, but the concept remains consistent—they  pay you for generating business for them.

The companies I choose to be Affiliates with will all follow the message and mission of What’s Your Wheelchair. They will be about motivation, inspiration and self improvement.

Companies I choose will not only be good to their customers, but also to their Affiliates. To me, this shows the company, at its core, believes there is enough success for everyone. They not only have fantastic products, but they are fantastic to the people that work with them, as well.

I have found one company that meets What’s Your Wheelchair’s standards. It’s a self improvement company called Quanta. I love their products so much, I’m not only an Affiliate, but I am a customer, as well! Have a look for yourself at

I have many goals for What’s Your Wheelchair. But my biggest, most passionate goal is for it to be never ending and constantly evolving.  New articles every week, another book, more Affiliates… And see what other doors present themselves.


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