My Testimonial To Orange County Chamber’s SCORE

What's Your WheelchairI was chosen as story of the year for Orange County Chamber of Commerce’s SCORE program. I was asked to write a testimonial to be published in their magazine regarding my experience with them. The SCORE program is incredible, it’s free and available to anyone willing to work hard. Enjoy.

I’ve been working with the SCORE program for about a year. In that time, I’ve been able to achieve numerous things, the first being creating the website “What’s Your Wheelchair?” I have a spinal cord injury and am paralyzed from the shoulders down. The idea behind the website is regardless if they are visible or not, everyone in life has their wheelchairs. I’m a writer, and every week I post two new articles on the site, sharing my life experiences with my readers. My mission and my hope is through sharing my experiences, an individual can learn the importance of self esteem and self worth, which leads to self confidence. Without confidence, nothing is possible. With it, anything is, and you can make your dreams come true.

The website morphed into a book of the same name, which I self published. The book contained all of the articles I had posted at that point, along with twenty five new articles that were exclusively for the book.

The website and book were a foundation built to give my name and my writing some credibility. I’ve incorporated What’s Your Wheelchair, and am currently in the process of building my own self improvement course. At the course’s completion, it will be available for retail online. I’m also interested in becoming Affiliates with multiple companies and programs, but only those whose products and services I feel can truly inspire and motivate people. I am a marrow deep believer that if someone can see the personal power and self worth within themselves, they will be able to manifest all of their dreams.

I walked into SCORE one year ago, introduced myself and said I wanted to open a small business because I needed to bring an income into my home. At the time, I had a business idea. After meeting with different SCORE mentors, however, all with their own expertise to bring to the table, we decided the cons of my idea heavily outweighed the pros logistically. And I had overlooked my biggest asset that made me different from a large percent of society… My physical disability, particularly the severity of it.

My website, my book, the course I am in the process of creating and the ceilingless possibilities of What’s Your Wheelchair, Inc. would not be in existence without SCORE. None of it. I didn’t even realize what my personal assets where until I meet with the folks at SCORE. I didn’t have a bank account full of funds to spend on starting a small business, and once we agreed on on what kind of business I should build, I knew absolutely nothing about how to build it. I was a good writer, that’s it. I’ve learned how to create, maintain and update a website, self publish a book and am now learning how to conduct a webinar, which is to be part of my self improvement course. And after my self improvement course is completed, with the help of SCORE, I will learn how to create another slice of the endless pie What’s Your Wheelchair?, Inc.

To simply say I’d recommend SCORE to an individual looking to start their own business is incorrect because it gives inadequate credit to the SCORE program. Being disabled, numerous free programs exist to help you get into the workforce. I’ve contacted and visited every single one I can find, and SCORE is the first program of its kind that has truly helped me work towards creating a business that will generate income. One of the best things about SCORE is if you are willing to work hard and do your part, the folks at SCORE do their’s and then some. You never leave the SCORE office with that horrible feeling of, “Where do I go from here?” If you’re smart, you’ll make another appointment with SCORE.

To every individual I’ve come in contact with at SCORE, thank you so much for your continued kindness and unwavering support. You are all fantastic cheerleaders!

Yours very truly,
Amy Alexander


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