Personal Development – Car to Castle

I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. I adore his monologues, how he interacts and gets silly with his guests, and sometimes with just himself! 🙂 And it’s palpable through the television, as you watch him, how big his heart is and how good his intentions are.

Steve Harvey was recently a guest on the Tonight show. In a game they were playing, Jimmy had to write down what he wished to achieve during Tonight show episodes. He wrote down he wanted to make people laugh and forget their problems for an hour. Again, his heart and sincerity were crystal-clear. He got well deserved applause from his audience.

What’s also crystal-clear is he is doing what he loves and is very good at it. He has found his special sparkle in life and has not only created the life of his dreams, he continues to grow with it!

He can also address sorrow and pay tribute to comic legends we have recently lost, and make it okay to laugh soon afterwards. No guilt, and the laughter does not feel inappropriate. Jimmy’s comedic predecessors would be proud of the way he handled their departure. And of course I’m talking about Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

When Steve Harvey was a guest on the Tonight show, he shared a bit of his life’s journey. He was poor growing up, even more so as an adult and spent three years living in his car. Three years, not three days. Now he is living the American dream… Doing what he loves and getting paid extremely well for it, and has wonderful family and friends. So how do you go from a car to a castle, with nothing to work with but who you are?

Steve Harvey said the secret was finding what you are particularly good at and love to do, and develop it into the life of your dreams. Personal development he called it. I was jumping up-and-down and down (figuratively of course, 🙂 as I believe the exact same thing. And my mission of my business is that exact concept… Develop the power of your personal development and the world will be your oyster.

And Steve Harvey couldn’t have said it better. Each of us have something within ourselves that is our own unique individual talent. And many times that talent goes undeveloped for our entire life. To me, that is a tragic thought… Leaving this earth without ever manifesting your personal development, because that is the path to your dreams.

There are so many reasons an individual never gets to create their special talent that is unique to them. Some folks don’t even recognize what their life specialty is until someone from outside looks in. Other individuals know perfectly well what they want to develop within themselves, but fear gets in the way. Fear of failure, fear of job security, even fear of the opinions of your peers… Regardless of age, peer pressure never goes away.

Society gives fear too much power. Fear is a word, describing a feeling. That’s it. It’s not a monster unless you turn it into one. Fear only has as much power as you allow her to have, not the other way around. Fear doesn’t knock on your door and say, “Hi, I’m Fear. I’m in your life now and you have absolutely no control over what I do or how long I stay. Nana Nana Na na! “

So forget the fear. If Steve Harvey can go from a car to a castle, so can you! Just do a little soul-searching, find your sparkle if you haven’t already and develop it.

How, you may ask? There are countless courses and resources you can find online by just taking a little time to look. And even if you are living the life of your dreams, there is always room for improvement.

The happiest folks I know that are living their dream are the individuals who continually work to enhance the power of their personal development and understand there’s always room for growth.

You’ll know if you haven’t found your sparkle. If you haven’t, do it. If you need help finding it or developing it, reach out and someone or something will grab back.  Creating your personal development is hard work, but it’s fun! And all the time you put into it, you know it’s leading you to where you want to go. That’s one of the best parts.


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