Resolution Time, Part III of III

Each January, many of us get asked the dreaded question, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”  And either we’ve made a few, we have not made any and we’re honest about it, or, we throw a few out there we have no intention of working on… Even if they are resolutions we’d love to have come true.

Resolutions are the same things as goals. Many times, however, we don’t achieve them, and it’s a terrible feeling. Why don’t we achieve them?

We set ourselves up for failure that will decrease our confidence, by not creating a personal goal plan, consisting of baby steps. Baby steps are the key, baby!

You have the power, the capability, the confidence, the everything, to begin creating whatever you wish for now. It’s all within you. It’s your inate personal power. So start creating your dreams. You can do it! I’m rooting for you!



  1. Hey Amy I have been eating too much carbs. And I would like to change my way of eating. And losing my anger and hatred toward people. I would like to start being happier. And not be angry and snapping at my little brothers. And arguing with my mother. I want to live a normal life.

    • Good for you for recognizing what you need to change. As far as your diet, I recommend a high water, low sugar one. Starch carbs, like bread, are sugar as far as your body is concerned, so too much starch will put weight on any of us. Regarding all the feelings you have… If it were me, I would do some soul searching as to why I feel the way I do, and then reach out to find help to feel differently. There are forums online, hotlines, and counseling… Everybody makes different choices where to seek help depending on their finances, Insurance, etc. But feeling the way you do won’t allow you to move foreword in the positive ways you want to.

      • Thank you Amy I will look into that and I’ll look into other programs that I could join to lose weight. I just signed up for Planet Fitness in Port Jervis with my communityhab worker. I am looking into hiring an personal trainer. I would like to look into other programs as well. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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