Society’s Greatest Generation

What's Your WheelchairIf today was the very best day of your life, would you feel motivated and inspired and excited at the prospect of tomorrow? Probably not.

Tom Brokaw’s book, ”The Greatest Generation,” focused on the generation throughout and after World War II.  While I have the greatest amount of respect for the book’s author and the people he wrote about, I have a problem with the title.

If we are telling today’s generation that the best generation already existed, what is that saying to them?  How is that motivating or inspiring them to believe with hard work and good intentions, they too can make their dreams come true?

I believe it is the duty of each generation prior to the next one to encourage and offer transparency to any lessons learned that could be helpful in making the current generation the greatest our country has seen. There are, after all, going to be the leaders of tomorrow.

I hear the words ”instant gratification,” ”sense of false entitlement” and ”they don’t make people like they used to” used very often when society is referring to today’s generation.  But what are we telling them when we say the greatest generation(s) have already come and gone? Experience more in my video below.


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