Summer’s End

It’s that time of year again… The end of summer. Labor Day is over, kids are starting  school with new backpacks and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. A few leaves have chosen to change their color, as an invitation to the seasons changing.

Anybody who knows me is aware winter is not my favorite season. This year, in addition to dreading winter, I’m still waiting for summer to start. In the Northeast, it has only been the last few weeks we’ve experienced sporadic days of hot weather… Hello, Universe… This is the end of summer.

I’m constantly and continually amazed how quickly time goes by. These glorious days of summer seemingly just start, and suddenly, they come to a close. Before we know it, Jack Frost appears for the first time of the season, marking the point of no return.

I cringe a bit, (okay, a lot!), at the thought of the North East winter.  The warm weather of summer makes my body feel fantastic. The sun beaming on me is better than any pain reliever or therapy in existence. The cold weather makes me achy and I feel all shriveled up from constantly shivering. My body feels the way the Wicked Witch of the west looks.

I try my best to tell myself there is a flipside to everything… even winter. (I am definitely a work in progress on this one. )  For me, there is shopping for fall and winter clothes, which consist of cozy sweaters and warm scarfs. If you saw my closet, you would agree with me that I break the world record in scarf owning.

There is also the trips to our favorite coffee house in the snow for a Chai Tea Latte, and I have to admit, there are few things more beautiful than watching the snowfall and cover our world in an enchanted blanket of white.  The snow provides so much fun, as well.  If I could figure out a way to stay not freezing, I’d be a winter sports buff in a second!

There is a positive aspect to every negative one. It is so important for each of us to recognize this. We can all be guilty at times, but many people in society constantly choose to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

I call these people are emotional vampires. After spending time with a chronically negative person, I feel as if the blood and energy has been sucked from my body.

I certainly go through times when all I can see in a certain set of circumstances are the negative parts. But the difference between me and an emotional vampire is my negative outlook is temporary.

At some point, I choose to change my perception. I shake off the negative, and look for the positive. If I can’t find some positive, I create it.

With time flying as fast as it does, not recognizing the positive facets of our experiences is simply wasting our lives. To me, this is one of my scariest thoughts. Correction… The scariest thought.

To look back on times in my life and have memories of misery are such a waste. Imagine being in the winter years of your life. Looking back on your life’s journey, the majority of what you feel are negative thoughts and regret. Even writing it gives me goosebumps.

If we make the choice to try and focus on the positive of everything we experience, our memories will be filled with thousands of joyous moments. We will still remember challenging times and sadness. We are human and all works in progress. But we will know we did our best to find the sunshine.


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