The “No Hit” Policy In Washington

When our founding fathers created the Constitution, they were adamant about it containing the “no-hit policy.” The United States of America was their first baby, the first new world they had created and like any parent, they had certain ideals they wanted to ensure were carried out by generations to follow. These brave pioneers were wise enough men to know as their country grew and changed long after they were gone, the Constitution would also need to change to meet the needs of it’s country. This is the foundation of the genius behind that glorious document; it can be amended as the citizens of the United States see fit. The “no hit policy” , however, was something they were sure would forever be practiced.

Wait a minute…Did I say our founding fathers?! The Constitution?! I must be not getting enough sleep. What I meant to say was how I find it so amusing when soon to be first time parents, (I have a particular friend in mind), with the very best of intentions, insist they will instill a “no-hit” policy in their parenting. They may even do a bit of criticizing of other parents who give their child an occasional swat on the behind when they misbehave. The parents in waiting believe reasoning and explaining to a child what they are doing wrong, along with perhaps taking a privilege away for a temporary amount of time, is the best way for that child to learn the right thing to do and also has the best chance of the child not doing the same bad behavior over again. I am not a parent, so I absolutely will not give an opinion on this issue, but strictly as an observer, I can 100% honestly say every parent I know who has set a “no-hit” policy while pregnant with their first born amended it sooner than later. And it was something they were sure to practice forever.

Since the current members of Congress are acting like misbehaved children, I think they should be treated as such. It is clear reasoning and explaining what they are doing wrong is having no effect whatsoever on them correcting their behavior and making better choices, so I think they should be punished . While swatting Speaker Boehner on his behind is tempting, lets swat him where it will really hurt; take away a few of his privileges. His paycheck, his health insurance and his tanning bed would be a good start, along with apologizing to the American people for his recent unacceptable behavior. Parents make children do that, right? Apologize to the friends they have been unfair to and not shared with very well? Since there seems to be so many children of all ages in Congress these days, I feel the same disciplinary actions should be placed on all of them. Let them live without the “privileges” they have forced so many of us to live without and perhaps they will begin to make different choices. And what about our President? (Who I voted for twice.). Since children are taught that communicating with a teammate you don’t see eye to eye with is always a better solution then fighting and name-calling, our President should be leading by example and banging down Boehner’s door to have a conversation, regardless of who he feels is in the wrong. Isn’t that why we voted for him? To be the example for the rest of us to follow, particularly through difficult times when others may have floundered and not possess a clue of what to do to try and make things better?

As a severely disabled individual, I have had to choose surgeons who I trusted enough to put my life in their hands through extremely complicated surgeries. To me, voting for America’s President is as important a choice. Our President is the surgeon who keeps America alive through challenging times, and a surgeon is only as good as the team surrounding him.



  1. Gert says:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exeestirp.

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