The Road to Confidence

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Are you interested in self help,  but find it confusing? All of the different self help terms.  Confidence, self improvement, self image, self esteem, self confidence, personal development, personal growth. Are they really any different at all?

They are different, I promise.  And they come to us in a certain order, as we develop ourselves as human beings and experience our individual personal growth. If we are lucky, we will continue to expand our personal growth our entire lives.

By lucky I mean if we choose to. Personal growth is simply choosing to continually improve yourself throughout your life. Improving yourself on the inside will create the way you wish to live on the outside.

Let me compare personal growth to materialistic growth. For most couples Rolling up their sleeves and beginning to create a life together, their first home is not their dream home… It’s their “starter home.”

The house may need renovations and improvements, and the new couple has room in their budget for some inexpensive cosmetic changes. They fill it with furniture hand me downs and “going out of business” sales appliances.

They have traded going out to a nice dinner every Friday night and not looking carefully at price tags for a mortgage. And they are thrilled!  What a growth spurt, what a leap into adulthood… What excitement!

As time moves forward, they work hard, they make improvements along the way. A new kitchen, another bathroom, an attached garage. Perhaps they are starting their family.

As they’ve diligently made improvements where they can, enjoying themselves along the way, suddenly, they realize they are able to sell their starter home.  They they can now afford to buy or build something bigger, a home that will accommodate their growing family.

Along their journey, this couple stays in alignment with the idea of making improvements as often as they can. Big or small was of no consequence. They always keep in focus the life they dreamed of.

Now their children are rolling up their own sleeves and starting their lives. The couple reminisces about their first little starter home, and the journey of growth since.  They look forward to their next chapters of life, filled with more improvement and continued growth.

Easy enough to picture, right? The American dream. A couple starting in a little house that turns into a bigger house, filled with family, friends, love…They’ve cultivated their jobs into careers they adore. They have financial security, college funds for kids, a flourishing investment portfolio, travel… They are experiencing, living, the life they dreamed.

How do you think that life was created? From the inside out with personal growth. If you want to experience the life of your dreams, you have to experience personal growth to achieve the materialistic growth. And materialistic is being used as a positive idea, not one of greed and selfishness.  I believe there is an absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the luxuries in life if your heart is pure and your intentions are good. Luxuries are fun!

Personal growth is making improvements of your moral content.  Through personal growth, individuals are capable of improving every area of their life. And like the couple just starting out, making improvements that can lead to improvements in other areas of their lives, the same can be said for personal growth.

Improvements in self image lead to improvements in self esteem. Improvements in self esteem lead to improvements in self confidence. Improvements in self confidence leads to the life of your dreams… If you have confidence in yourself, you can do anything.

If you feel a little lost, as if you don’t nowhere exactly to begin, never fear. Begin with your personal growth starter home, which we will call self esteem, (your starter home can be self worth, self image, or whatever you want to be) and make conscious improvements from there. Along your personal growth journey, watch and enjoy what manifests.


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