The Top SCI Rehabilitation or Debilitation?

What's Your WheelchairWhen my husband comes home from work at the end of the day, he ask’s me how my day was and what my day entailed. When he asked me today, I told him my entire day was devoted to one thing… Getting an actual person to answer the phone at one of the top two spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers in this country.

I’ve been an outpatient there for twenty-one years.  A recent CAT-scan revealed I had some fluid in and surrounding my left kidney. My general practitioner advised me I needed to see my urologist as soon as possible.

The video below will tell you what my experience was.  It is the first of a series of videos to follow on other similar experiences I’ve had in the last few years at this “model” center.  (You’ll get the answer to what a model center is and its significance.)

When I think of the heartbreaking, painstaking research a family goes through in a totally unfamiliar territory to get their loved one, who has just been paralyzed for life, the very best care… The care that just might make a difference in the amount of recovery…I cry.

My family was one of those families, and the quality of one of the top two facilities in the country needs to be revealed. Again, this is not based on one experience and I will share others in additional videos to come.


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