What Is Self Image?

There have been many times when I’ve I been in a hospital, and I asked my nurse if somebody could help me wash my hair that day.  99% of the time, the reaction would be, “Why? You’re not going home today.”  Why?  I’ve been in the hospital for a week, my hair is filthy and it would make me feel better to clean it, that’s why! Those who know me well wouldn’t be surprised of my request… They know it’s part of my self image.

By definition, self image is the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.  Well, this personality imagines herself clean and well groomed, including in the hospital. Actually, especially in the hospital.  Feeling grimy and dirty does not boost the mental and emotional parts of us, and even the most conventional doctor will tell you a patient in a positive mental and emotional frame of mind heals better.

Self image is not about ego or being arrogant.  It’s what kind of person we see ourselves as.  In my research on self image, the three key ideas are… what do we see as our abilities,  how do we feel about the way we look and how do we view our personality.

Do we view ourselves as smart? Do we find the way we look important and take an interest in it?  What about our personality? Do we think we are kind, thoughtful, selfish, creative, smart, dumb, capable?

Self image is a number of self impressions built up over time. These self images can be very positive, making a person confident in their capabilities, or negative, making a person doubtful in their capabilities.

We may be surprised to find our self image can be very different from how the rest of the world sees us. Some individuals who seem to have it “all” may have a very poor self image. On the flip side, folks we view as having a very difficult life and many hardships may have a very positive self image.

Our self image has an  extremely  strong impact on your happiness, and your view on life can affect those around you. If you radiate a positive self image, society will be more likely to see you as a positive, capable person.

How do we create a positive self image?  It’s simple. Care about yourself.  Care about the way you look, care about the way you feel, care about your abilities, care what your personality traits are. Remembering a positive self image is not about vanity,  take notice of the way you look.  Do you keep yourself well groomed, neat and clean?

The better care I take of myself, (inside and out), the better I feel about myself. Prior to my injury, a friend of mine gave me a piece of advice when I was going through a challenging time.

He told me to take extra good care of myself. Make sure I didn’t skip  exercising, really pay attention to the clothes I wore each day, keep my nails and hair in excellent condition. He promised doing these things would make me feel better.

I thought he was exaggerating a little, to be honest, but I did it anyway. Well, he was right. This extremely improved my self image.  I continue to treat myself this way today.

Not that I didn’t care about how I looked before. But I had plenty of days where I really didn’t care what I looked like. A healthy self image helps create a healthy self esteem.

A healthy self esteem is going to build your confidence. And if you have confidence, you can achieve your dreams.

Do a little soul-searching. Take a look inside and be honest with yourself. Do you care about how you look? Do you like what you see?

Take a good look in your abilities.  Do you like what they are? Is there room for improvement?

And our personality. Who do we want to be? And are we those things? Small questions, big answers.

A healthy self image is an ingredient all of society needs to achieve the life they wish for… The life they dream.



  1. Ronnie Boniface says:

    Very true Amy always taking pride in how you look can always improve your self image .

    • I find it most important to care about what I look like on a challenging day… That’s when we need to remind ourselves of who we are! I force on the mascara and lip gloss and feel better afterwards! 🙂

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