Who Will Help Mawya of Gaza?

What's Your WheelchairI’ve always wondered what influence and effect, if any, it would have on society if there was a news channel  only reporting on positive worldly current events?  A bit oversimplified, but if people watched a greater percent of upbeat, inspirational stories, would the stories rub-off on the viewer and make them happier, too?  Would people unconsciously be in a more positive frame of mind?

I always thought so, but recently I am struggling with self doubt. After watching the news recently, with an airplane full of almost three hundred innocent people shot down to the ground, rebels in middle eastern countries purposely targeting bombs at hospitals, blowing up buildings and then blowing them up again when the rescue workers are inside, it’s hard to stay in a hopeful frame of mind.

What is happening in our world?  Throughout history, there has always been countries under political unrest, with rebels threatening to take over a government or do possible harm to its citizens. But it seems as if the strategic planning to kill innocent people is growing at a frightening rapid pace. That’s pure evil.

I recently watched a story about a little girl named Mawya.  Mawya sustained a spinal cord injury during a bombing in Gaza City. In the same bombing, her mother and three sisters were killed, and another sister was severely injured and cannot speak. The two little girls laid side-by-side in a nearby hospital. Mawya is completely paralyzed from the neck down.  She can’t feel or move anything, and she is  unaware of the death of her mother and sisters.  Her doctor  said the hospital is not equipt to take care of her…The only nearby hospital that could got destroyed in a bombing the day before. He does not know what will become of her.

I cannot get her little face out of my mind. I’d adopt her in a second if I could. She’s beautiful, and scared and has the longest, darkest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. I’ve called NBC, where I first saw her story, to find out exactly where she is, and if an American hospital donated care, could we get her here?

I think of the crucial first 72 hours post-injury. The massive steroids given to shrink swelling of the cord, the aligning of her neck needing to be done as carefully as handling an eggshell, the surgery to fuse her neck, the special bed and constant repositioning needed to prevent bedsores instead of the hard metal stretcher she was laying on.

And what about having no family except a sister almost as sick as she is? The family she needs to assure her life is still worth living, the family whose will to live she will borrow when, at times, she finds none of her own… The family who tells her their lives would never be the same without her.  The family she will struggle to get better for when she doesn’t think or feel it’s worth getting better for herself.

Ignorance is bliss at times.  If you knew what you’d go through the first year as a high level spinal cord injured person, you’d call it quits on day one.  I feel I would have. And you feel so isolated, even surrounded by family. I can’t imagine going through it alone.

It’s been three days now since Mawya’s injury. Each day that passes I think about possible complications she could be experiencing… Pneumonia, bed sores, a urinary tract infection. My calls to NBC have gotten me nowhere, and each day is so crucial… Even with the best of care, you are lucky to survive a high level injury.

I pray with my whole heart at the very least she is given pain medicine or even medication to put her mind in a bit of a different place. But what will become of her? The hospital has no means to take care of her and nowhere to send her.

The thought of her life ending on that hard, metal stretcher, all alone, is difficult for me to even write down because I’m admitting it’s a possibility. A probability. For whatever reason, I feel a deep connection with this little girl.  If I never get to meet her, I will never forget her face… Especially those eyes.

What’s even more tragic than Mawya is there are thousands of children like her within the conflicts in the Middle East. Children severely injured, without proper medical care, who have lost loved ones or in some cases, their entire families. So much suffering, so much grieving.

I try to understand what the fighting is about. The different dissatisfied groups raging  holy wars, or  land wars for oil or territory, or a whatever war. I’ve read their history, where they come from, and their previous reasons for fighting with the dim hope of understanding why they fight now.

But I’m not going to waste my time doing that any longer. There is no excuse, no reason good enough for the atrocities we are doing to each other as human beings. I’m a positive, ”let’s find the silverlining” in any circumstances type of person, but there are none here. Zero.

I have no idea how to fix these complex issues. But there is a naïve, simple part of my soul that wants to say can’t we all just get along?  There is plenty for everyone… No need for anyone to starve, or rape or kill.

What if we started with ourselves, and then our families, and then our neighbors, and then our neighbor’s neighbors, and simply be kind to one other? Help each other? Why can’t that take root and become the next ”copycat” crime that spreads across the global like wildfire?

It may be hard to imagine, but perhaps it would become easy once we tried.



  1. Ronnie Boniface says:

    I always ask the same question why can’t we get along, so sad that so many have to suffer! Praying for Mawya

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