Why Do We Need Confidence?

What's Your WheelchairDo you think James Bond lacks confidence? The cars, the money, the girls, the glamour. Correct me if I’m wrong, but James Bond doesn’t have a wallflower personality, does he? Watching other people live exciting lives while he stares in wonderment, wishing he were one of them?

I know James Bond is a fictitious character, derived from Hollywood and has become legend.  But why has he become legend? The first James Bond film was made in 1962, and there is no sign of them stopping anytime soon. The films are the longest continually running film series to date.

The point is James Bond is great at what he does, and he is well rewarded for it. You  can be too.  All it takes is confidence.

Did you ever meet a successful, happy person who didn’t exude a certain… something?  You can’t touch it, but you can definitely feel it? That’s confidence.

Confidence is what it takes to live the life you wish. You deserve the life you wish.  All of us do.  Whether it’s creating a family, traveling to exotic places, joining the Peace Corps or a combination of all three, it’s yours for the taking. The only thing stopping you is you.

That’s hard to comprehend for many people, at times myself included. It sounds too easy… As if that’s all it took, every person on the planet would be in their glory. But let’s look how people with confidence operate.

People with confidence don’t wait for things to happen; they make them happen. A person with confidence makes a conscious decision to live their life on their own terms and do it. They set their mind to it and go get it.

An individual with confidence doesn’t use excuses. This doesn’t mean they are immune to challenging circumstances invading their lives that need to be dealt with. But they deal with the circumstances and continue forward.  They don’t use the circumstances as an excuse for derailing their Journey on how they want to live their life and what they want their life to consist of.

Is this how you live your life? Are the daily decisions you make in alignment for the life you wish? Do you have a feeling in your gut of confidence? Confidence can change your life. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it.  We all have what it takes to do it. We just need to believe it. That’s where confidence comes into play.  Let me give you an example of the difference confidence can make.

I have lived with a spinal cord injury for twenty years. While there is a difference between being injured and being sick, SCI can come with complications that make you sick. Unfortunately I’ve experienced many, but I will pick one… Urinary tract infections.

Anybody can get a urinary tract infection, but if you are living with SCI and get one, it is serious.  Even before my injury I was prone to them, but after my injury I had them constantly.

Over the last few years, they were getting worse and worse. I was spending more and more time in the hospital or having to use injections, I.V.’s and other painful methods at home to try and eradicate them.  All of these methods involved using antibiotics, which sometimes made me feel worse than the actual infection.

Each infection took more and more of my confidence away. Was this the way my life was going to be? I could handle the paralysis, but constantly feeling sick on top of it? For a lifetime?  What was the point?

Somewhere inside me I found a smidgen of confidence and made the decision to find a way to eradicate these infections. They were affecting my happiness within myself, with my relationships… They were controlling my entire life.

I decided to see my infectious disease doctor, who treated me for these infections.  Even as I made the decision to see him, I could feel my confidence building. I simply was not going to settle for the circumstances I was in, and I was taking the first step towards a fix.

We spent an hour talking. He had treated me for over ten years and knew me very well.  He said if I could constantly drink enough water to flush out any bacteria, I just might keep these infections away.  We agreed to try a gallon a day.

I had a plan. Another notch in my confidence belt. I started drinking water like crazy. Ironically, I currently had an infection. If one gallon a day wasn’t enough, than it would be two gallons. Whatever it took.

It took a gallon a day for seventy-two hours and the infection was gone. I was on top of the world. My self confidence skyrocketed.

I made a decision, went for it and made it happen.  It changed my life. Infections are the number two item on the list of what will take a SCI person’s life. I know longer had to live with that fear.  My confidence saved my life.

Throughout my journey the last nine months creating my project, “What’s Your Wheelchair?”, I’ve recognized the need society has for self improvement tools, confidence being one of them.

Due to this, I decided to create my own self improvement course.  It will be fun and self empowering, containing guidebooks, workbooks, and videoconferencing where we can share and work out issues together so you can have whatever you wish in life. Already have the life you dreamed? This course will only make it better!

We now see why we need confidence in life. But how do we go about building confidence? Is it reasonable for confidence to come and confidence to go? What about self confidence?You’ll find out in my next article!


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