Working Through the Holidays


If you celebrate the winter holidays, the spirit of the season is something folks of all ages look forward to all year.  Unfortunately, however, for many folks the holiday season also comes with a huge level of stress.  For some, this stress is so extreme, I hear people commenting that they can’t wait until the season is over.

What a shame to wish something was over when you’ve looked forward to it all year.  These stresses come from different things, depending on the individual.  Some folks are feeling the heightened loss of a loved one, financial stresses from not being able to give the gifts they want to give or tragically, not being able to purchase any gifts at all.

The biggest stress I hear from people is that they can’t get the time off work they need to simply be able to slow down a bit to enjoy different holiday traditions. Baking, shopping, taking the time to find that special little something you know a certain someone would enjoy. But most importantly, spending time with those you love and many times, do not get to see often throughout the year and the holidays are a great time to catch up.

What do all of the activities I mentioned have in common? Time. You need time to enjoy them. With a regular 9-to-5 job, this is extremely difficult. Many businesses do not give anyone a holiday off because it would be unfair to the rest of the employees, so everyone works. I’ve been in that situation, and perhaps you have, too.

Having your own online business takes that stress completely away.  If you still need to work during the holidays, you are able to make your own schedule. You have the entire 24 hours in a day to get your work done.  And once your business is fully up and running, it’s going to be working for you 24/7, regardless if it’s a holiday or not!

Stress is a dangerous thing.  Society moves so fast, and we are constantly rushing rushing rushing.  Regardless stress isn’t something we can see, we most certainly can see its affects.  And regarding holidays, it takes so much of the fun away.  But stress can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

The answer to all of these problems is for you to be in a financial position where stress is not an issue.  Two years ago I started my own online business, with stress being the number one reason why. Yes, it was scary to make such a drastic change, but it was the best leap of faith I have ever taken. I’m sitting in my living room, enjoying my Christmas tree, holiday music and fireplace as I work. It’s lovely.

Have faith in yourself. You hold the reins of your life, and you can do anything you want with them… You can steer in any direction. Steer with confidence, remember the power of your own skills, the power of your own heart. Steering like that will drive you to your dreams.


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